Reportback and update from emergency protest to stop logging Jazz Timber Sale

Congratulations to everyone who turned out to demand the Forest Service halt logging on the Jazz Timber Sale! In less than  24 hours we recruited nearly 100 people to create a river of mud (see photo below) in downtown Portland and AND 400 people to contact the Forest Service directly and demand that it stop giving Canadian timber giant, Interfor, special exemptions to log in the rain.  Logging has been stopped –for now – thanks to our pressure!

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4pm- Bark learns that the Forest Service has provided a special exemption to Interfor to log the Jazz Timber Sale during the rainy season--normally restricted to protect soil. (00:00)
4:30pm- Program Director Russ Plaeger calls dozens of agency staff, confirms logging is planned. (00:30)
6pm- Trained Bark groundtruthers (your donations power Rad•i•cle, Bark's training program) are prepped with maps and a survey plan (02:00)

7am- Three cars of volunteer groundruthers leave Portland. (15:00)
11am- First groundtruthing reports back. Logging is complete in Unit 37. See photos. It’s wet. (19:00)
2pm- Staff attorney Brenna Bell and co-counsel Dave Becker file emergency temporary restraining order (TRO) with the court. (Your donations support litigation!) (22:00)
2:30pm- 60 Barkers have emailed Mt. Hood Supervisor Lisa Northrop to welcome her and let her know that it is important that we work together in good faith. (22:30)
3pm- We are notified that we have a judge for our TRO and subsequent Preliminary Injunction. (23:00)
3:30pm-  Conference call with attorneys from Forest Service and Interfor result in voluntary stop of logging until the preliminary injunction is decided on in three weeks. Yahoo! However, the Forest Service has left the special exemption in place. (23:30)
3:31pm- Bark staff decide to rally at Forest Service Regional Office and send a new message to Supervisor Northrop. (23:31)
5:05pm- Grassroots Organizer Meredith Cocks sends email to 34,000 people asking them to email and phone Supervisor Northrop and show up at a rally we have not yet planned. (25:05)
9pm- Membership Assistant Jenny Leis completes a phone tree; 12 volunteers invite nearly 400 Bark members to the (still unplanned) rally. (29:00)
9:30pm- News release sent to dozens of media outlets | Supervisor Northrop has received 146 emails and untold phone calls. (29:30)

5:30am- Volunteer groundtruthers survey Jazz Timber Sale again, confirm that logging has stopped. Yes! (37:30)
7am- Rally has 42 RSVPs on Facebook | Supervisor Northrop has received 174 emails and untold phone calls. (39:00)
8am- "River of mud" action planned, logistics ensue. (40:00)
10am- Interviews with KBOO, OPB. (42:00)
2pm- 75 Oregonians rally at the Forest Service Regional Office. We chant "Stop Jazz Logging!" so loud it bounces off of the Federal Building and can be heard for blocks. We call three Forest Service decision makers and demand a change. And then...everyone demonstrates for the Forest Service what wet season logging looks like (see photo).

Check out photos from yesterday’s rally here and here.

Thank you for your commitment to our forests and for being a part of a community that works well together. I wish we had more examples of that in our nation right now. You give me hope that together we can change the Forest Service to prioritize clean water, recreation, and wildlife in Mt. Hood National Forest.

Stay tuned for updates on Bark’s legal challenge to Jazz, and other mays to help protect the forest. Learn more about the Jazz Timber Sale here.