Restrictions put in place as fire danger levels rise in national forest

MT. HOOD NATIONAL FOREST, OR (KPTV) - Restrictions on firewood cutting and other industrial activities in the Mt. Hood National Forest will begin on Monday.

Due to increased fire dangers, people will only be able to operate power saws from the early morning hours until 1 p.m. in the restricted areas.

Those areas are the entire Barlow Ranger District and the eastern portion of the Hood River Ranger District.

Cable yarding, blasting and welding or cutting of metal will only be allowed during the restricted times, as well.

A one-hour fire watch is also required after shutting down power saws and other equipment in the affected areas.

Power saws and motor bikes must have an approved spark arrestor installed while operating in a national forest.

Beginning Monday, the fire danger levels at the Barlow and Hood River Ranger Districts will change from Moderate to High.

Those levels for the Clackamas and Zigzag Ranger Districts will change from Low to Moderate.