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Bark: Tending Tomorrow

Over the last two weeks, Bark’s Outreach Team took a break from talking about National Forests to talk about clean energy. We joined hundreds of organizers and volunteers knocking on doors to build support for the Portland Clean Energy Initiative, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team’s role in helping to secure a landslide victory!

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Voters didn’t get the chance to weigh in directly on the future of Mt. Hood National Forest on Election Day, but if we had, I have no doubt that those of us who live in the communities that surround these water-filtering, carbon sequestering, literally life-sustaining forests would have made the right choice!

Unfortunately, the web of decision-makers who guide Mt. Hood’s management have been moving in the wrong direction for a while now. In 2017 more timber was harvested from National Forests than in almost twenty years, and logging projects like the 11,742 acre Crystal Clear Timber Sale make it obvious that there is a continued commitment to “get out the cut.”

timber harvest from 1999-2017

The good news is that the law is on our side. In 1994, a team of scientists crafted the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) in response to a series of lawsuits and studies that showed that logging old-growth forests was threatening the survival of the threatened northern spotted owl. The adoption of the NWFP has been the single most significant action to date to reduce commercial logging in our National Forests.

Bark is challenging the Crystal Clear sale in court to uphold the NWFP, with a high likelihood of success. Ultimately though, we need your support as we continue to hold decision makers accountable to the public when we say that we are tired of seeing commercial logging prioritized over restoration, recreation, and ecology.     

If you share our vision, support Bark’s Winter Campaign and help us Tend Tomorrow! 

All individual and business contributions in November and December will be matched 1:1 up to $40,000 by a group of generous donors. A $10 donation becomes $20. A $100 donation $200 and a $1000 donation will grow to $2,000!

Thank you,

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Bark Outreach Director

P.S. If a member of the Outreach Team comes to your door or calls you on the phone this winter, please support the important work they do! Every day we encounter people who love our forests but have no idea about the threats that exist or how to fight them. Your donations at the door and on the phone help us spread the message about Bark’s work, recruit new volunteers, and continue to strengthen our power in numbers.


Ecological tending is the sustained, reciprocal interaction between people and forests. It requires applying oneself to the essential care of something by working with its natural tendencies without inferring control over them.

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