Riverside Fire Information Resources

The Clackamas River watershed is a favorite place for many Barkers — we have hiked, camped, fished, rafted, groundtruthed all over this region, from Eagle Creek to the Collawash. And now it has changed.  As the immediate threat to homes and communities from the Riverside Fire has subsided, we are trying to understand where it burned, how it burned, and what this will mean for the forest of the future.  Bark has been gathering information and resources to help answer these questions, and we'd like to share a few with you.  As we learn more, we'll share more! 
Riverside Fire Quick Facts
Start Date:  Sept 8, 2020
Approx. Size: 138,029 ac.
Cause: Human
Perimeter: 800 miles
Evacuations: All evacuation levels have been lifted for the Riverside Fire by Clackamas County

See the full Riverside Fire Story Map here
Fire Information: 509-228-7805

For Road Closures check: TripCheck

Inciweb shows basic, current, and overview information of the Riverside incidents.

Also check for updates on these social media sites:

It is critical to promote community learning toward co-existence with fire. We are going to continue offering educational offerings to provide an informed discussion space focused on creating new cultural narratives around wildland fire and post-fire management. Following the White River and Riverside fires of 2020, we plan to expand our post-fire monitoring program and volunteer opportunities.

Bark will be hosting a zoom event later this season to dive into the impacts of the Riverside Fire. There will be future opportunities to engage with the post-fire landscape, such post-logging monitoring, so stay tuned!

aerial photo of Riverside Fire area, smoke rising out of the coniferous canopy