Send Wyden + Blumenauer a Mt. Hood Love Letter

Let's make Mt. Hood forest management a model for climate resilience, clean drinking water, and cultural values.

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If you are reading this, you care about forests as a vital part of our planetary ecosystem and Mt. Hood National Forest in particular as the source of your family's drinking water, home to beloved wildlife, and protector of our region's local climate. But for all the forests do for us, are we doing enough in return?

Until June 18th, Senator Wyden and Representative Blumenauer are taking public input on how and where they should focus to protect the public lands and ecosystems on which our communities rely. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and advocate for Free Mt. Hood! Engagement from these congressional representatives could secure a better future of our backyard forest. 

We all know what it's like to live under outdated rules that make no sense given the real-world challenges we face today –– rules that are destroying our planet and selling out our future. Mt. Hood's decades-old forest management plan is a perfect example. Written nearly 30 years ago, this guiding document emphasizes converting mature, natural forest into managed plantations over much of Mt. Hood National Forest's one-million-plus acres. Massive commercial logging projects like the Crystal Clear Timber Sale pose an immense threat to the forest's ability to adapt to the changing climate while at the same time demonstrating the true priorities of the management plan as written.​


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Please write the Senator and Representative today and call on them to:

  • Increase funding to the Forest Service's Recreation, Heritage and Wilderness programs.
  • Advocate for a amending the Mt. Hood forest management plan to prioritize climate resilience, clean drinking water, and cultural values, and fund the Forest Service to do this work.
  • Support science-based fire management - providing communities with resources to fire-wise structures locally, while allowing natural fire to return to the larger landscape.


For the forest,








Courtney Rae, Associate Director

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