Southern Oregon Pacific Connector pipeline company gets itchy to build

Pacific Connector, the pipeline associated with the Jordan Cove Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal proposed in Coos Bay, took the unusual move of suing the State of Oregon and two top officials because Oregon denied the company’s application for the pipeline. The pipeline would travel from a proposed LNG terminal in Coos Bay to the California border.

Brett VandenHeuvel, Executive Director of Columbia Riverkeeper, comments on this lawsuit:

“This is a desperate move by Pacific Connector. Once a company starts suing the agencies that you need permits from, there is little hope for the project. Oregon leaders recognize that LNG is unneeded, bad for our farms and forests, and not acceptable to the public. In denying the pipeline permit, the Department of State Lands is simply following the law, doing its job.

The Coos Bay LNG terminal and Oregon LNG on the Columbia are marching forward, hoping that the opposition to LNG dies down. But the people are standing strong to protect their rights and their livelihoods. I see Pacific Connector suing the state and their claims of bias as a last-ditch effort to save this project.

Pacific Connector’s main complaint is that state law requires them to consult with landowner’s before putting a pipeline across their land. They are upset that landowners are not readily giving up their rights. I think that landowners should have a choice whether to allow LNG pipelines on their land, and the law in Oregon clearly requires landowner approval before the state can issue permits. This law makes sense. The LNG companies aggressively tried in vain to change this law the last two legislative sessions. Remember HB 3058 and then SB 1020? These attempts to gut property rights failed. The people have spoken and we are not going to give up property rights to send LNG-derived gas to California.

This is like Bradwood Landing LNG all over again. LNG is an idea that failed. I just hope that when the two remaining LNG proposals, Jordan Cove/Pacific Connector and Oregon LNG, fold their tents they don’t leave local businesses, the counties and state with millions of dollars in debt.”

A copy of the Pacific Connector’s complaint is available at