Special Alert: October 1st: Act for Oregon forests

Dear Barker,

Senator Wyden is ready to ramp-up clearcuts, degrade drinking water quality, and slash federal environmental laws in his new legislation for O&C lands.

Join the rally: Tuesday October 1st
Holladay Park
(NE 11th and Multnomah, by the Lloyd Center Max stop)
Then, spread the word.

Now is a crucial moment for our forests. Sen. Wyden will release legislation any day. He'll take the easy way out with the same tired proposals for ramped up logging - unless we demand real, long term solutions to rural county budget problems.

If you believe more logging won't solve a crisis created by too much logging in the first place, then join others who will gather to support legislation that reflects our shared values, like clean water, air, recreation opportunities.

Showing up on October 1st is the single most important step you can take to protect our forests. 

See you on October 1st,
Meredith Cocks, Grassroots Organizer