Special Alert: Urgent Action on Nestle

Dear Barker,

Today Oregonians are standing together to say 'NO' to a Nestlé proposal to bottle public water in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. Join us by taking action now, then meet us at noon at Lower McLeay Park to take part in an aerial art mob against Nestlé! Find more details below.

Background: When Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) -- the agency applying for permits on Nestlé's behalf -- cancelled the public comment forum at its December Commission Meeting, hundreds of Nestlé opponents demanded that ODFW put Nestlé permits on their February Commission Meeting agenda so that the public could have a meaningful dialogue on the issue. To our dismay, ODFW's reponse to this massive public outpouring was to cancel its February meeting entirely, once again blocking the public's ability to weigh in on the issue. Call ODFW today to tell the agency to stop working on Nestle's behalf!

Meanwhile, Nestlé is busy lobbying in Salem trying to convince your elected leaders that taking public water that provides critical habitat for threatened salmon is good for Oregon. But we know better! Please act now by sending a message to your legislatures telling them you oppose a Nestlé plant in the Gorge.

At NOON TODAY join us in Lower Macleay Park for the most creative action yet against Nestlé's plan to bottle Mt. Hood water. We are calling it an "Aerial Art Mob" because we will be creating a giant No Nestlé symbol, to be photographed from above, out of people like you who oppose Nestlé in the Gorge. Click here for directions to Lower Macleay Park (NW 29th and Upshur in Portland). Wearing red is a bonus! And, don't forget to take action now.

With your help we can keep Nestlé out of the Gorge!

Meredith Cocks, Grassroots Organizer