Special Alert: Wolf Tracks on Mt. Hood

A wolf track was found on the eastern flanks of Mt. Hood National Forest, according to a new report from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. This confirms what attendees on Bark's February tracking hike heard just two weeks ago from our friends at Cascadia Wild.

The track was observed in the White River Unit on the east side of Mt. Hood, known by many visitors because of popular destinations like White River Sno-park off Highway 35, Badger Creek Wilderness, and Fifteenmile Creek.

Bark is extra excited because we have been working to get the Forest Service to implement road decommissioning in the White River watershed that will create large roadless areas benefiting fish and wildlife...like wolves!

The ODFW report does not elaborate much on the Mt. Hood wolf other than to say, "It is unknown if the activity is resident wolves or dispersers traveling through the area."

Regardless, this is the beginning of a new era and you can be a part of it.

Alex P Brown, Executive Director