Summer Base Camp Donations Wish-List



Donating any of these items to Bark will ensure that we can provide a safe, effective, high-quality camp in the forest this year!

Contact if you can provide any of these needed items!

Donations to bring with you to camp:

  • gluten-free bread 
  • fresh produce: spinach and other greens, peppers and hot peppers, broccoli, small fruits, carrots, small potatoes, 
  • fruit juice or drink mixes
  • ice/frozen cooler packs
  • hand soap + hand Sanitizer
  • propane (small green bottles)
  • toilet paper
  • steel wool/sponges for dishwashing
  • aluminum foil (large width)

Donations we need to prepare for camp (by August 1 if possible!):

  • gift cards to grocery stores are especially helpful!
  • small, high quality, binoculars
  • camp chairs in good condition
  • clipboards
  • high quality, extra large-size cooler(s) (Yeti brand or similar would be ideal!)
  • high quality, extra large-size propane camp stove
  • high quality knife set and knife storage
  • first Aid supplies
  • new tarps (minimum 16'x16')
  • parachord

*Click here to make a monetary donation to Bark*