Summer Events Update

bark: to make known by persistent outcry

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This week we're welcoming Skyland, our new Communications and Engagement Intern! Skyland will be managing Bark’s social media and helping Courtney Rae, who has recently been promoted to Associate Director, with the Free Mt. Hood Campaign to change the Mt. Hood forest management plan. Read on to hear about his first week!

I just started with Bark on Monday and I’ve already been having a great time. On Wednesday, Courtney and I went up to Mt. Hood to prepare for the upcoming Bark About Hike on July 8th that we will co-lead. We will take people to see the beautiful Zigzag Glacier on the west side of Mt. Hood, learn about plants and trees and their incredible uses, and how the forest has been threatened by logging and other practices. This hike requires an RSVP. See details on the event page.

Also on Wednesday, our Forest Watch Coordinator, Michael, led a group of volunteers to the proposed Waucoma Timber Sale on a groundtruthing trip where they detected the presence of pika within the timber sale area. This is significant because scientists now are telling us that pikas, which are small rabbit-like mammals, may not be able to adapt to climate change as quickly as once thought, or at all.  OPB reported this week that as the climate warms, the area suitable for pika habitat is “just getting narrower and narrower and narrower.” Another reason to defend our environment by keeping fossil fuels, and trees, in the ground!


Additionally, we have the July Ecology Club coming up on the 11th that will focus on meadows, beavers and climate change as well as Bark’s annual  Base Camp, August 22 – September 3. As always, Base Camp will be free of charge and family-friendly, thanks to generous donations from our supporters and local businesses. We’ll be holding a wide variety of free workshops and activities at camp, including groundtruthing the nearby North Clack Timber Sale.

We’re looking for food and gear donations to make this year’s camp possible! Check out our donations wishlist and let us know if you can help source any of these things!
Have a good summer!



Skyland Dallal Rice, Communications and Engagement Intern