Tell Kurt Schrader to vote NO on the Resilient Federal Forest Act

The House of Representatives is poised to pass H.R. 2936, the "Resilient Federal Forest Act," which would shut the public out of decision-making. Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR District 5) is considering voting for this deceptively named bill and needs to hear from you today! Please contact the Representative at his Washington, D.C. offices, (202) 225-5711.


Below is some sample language you can refer to when you call:


"My name is (your full name) and I live at (your address). I am calling to ask you to Vote No on the so-called Resilient Federal Forest Act, HR 2936 - also known as the Westerman bill.

I believe it is important that any logging on Mt. Hood National Forest or any public lands should go through a rigorous environmental review and that the public should have the opportunity to weigh-in on proposed logging projects.

HR 2936 would do nothing to promote actual forest resilience. Instead, this legislation would remove much-needed accountability by limiting the public’s ability to review federal agency actions, while also potentially allowing up to 10,000-acre clearcuts without any public review.  It would also limit protection of endangered species on Forest Service lands, redirect funding from real restoration projects to timber sales, and remove legal protections for old-growth forests.

If enacted, H.R. 2936 would remove important protections provided by the Endangered Species Act, National Forest Management Act, the Northwest Forest Plan and the National Environmental Policy Act. The bill would allow forest plans to be changed without public involvement or environmental review, and removes important protections for rare species in wet forests and older forest habitat in drier forests of the Pacific Northwest.

This bill is bad for forest ecology and misleads the public while cutting us off from decision-making on our public lands. Again, I urge you to vote NO on HR 2936.

Thank you."


Please take a moment to call Rep. Schrader on Tuesday Oct. 31st, in Washington D.C. at (202) 225-5711, or in Oregon City at (503)-557-1324, and follow-up with an email. Let him know that the public needs a voice in forest management, that logging project MUST go through rigorous environmental review, and that he should vote NO on HR 2936, the "Resilient Federal Forest Act."