the Understory Book Club

This volunteer-led reading group will explore memoir, biography, auto-biography, fiction, drama, and poetry that addresses identity, politics, science, spirituality, and experience of connecting to special places.

the Understory’s mission is to maintain a robust and active book club as a strategy to actively facilitate engagement with all the different resources in the library. the Understory also strives to develop cultural competency in our organization and community and has begun to develop a lens with which we assess how well the resources in the library serve as anti-racist, de-colonizing, and anti-white supremacist educational materials. the Understory frequently discusses issues of social justice as related to the environmental/conservation movement, the perspective of the author, and the representation (or lack of) of different cultural groups and knowledge in the books we read.

Send us an email for information on how to join, the titles, or scheduling.

Previously read titles:

  • Braiding Sweetgrass Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • Red Earth, White Lies by Vine Deloria Jr.
  • Blonde Indian by Ernestine Hayes
  • Indians, Fire, and the Land in the Pacific Nortwest by Robert Boyd
  • Forest Primeval by Chris Maser