Update: Barking from Home

Our grassroots efforts have gone virtual!

If you are reading this, you have probably met a member of our Outreach Team on the street or at your doorstep, or perhaps they just called you to share updates and ask for your support. Our ability to keep you informed, to keep boots on the ground, and to advocate for Mt. Hood’s ecosystems, waters, and wildlife all depends on our network of grassroots supporters and activists—a network that our Outreach Team has been growing and cultivating for over a decade. It is vital that this work continues, so rather than knocking on your door, we are now connecting with you over the phone.  

[ Rather than laying off the valued workers of our door-to-door Outreach Team, we have transitioned them to calling our supporters from the safety of their homes. Here is long-time Outreach Member Stephen, calling supporters from his kitchen table. ]

We’ll be calling supporters, like you, to provide important and timely updates on our campaigns, in some cases to reconnect with folks we haven’t spoken to in a while, and if it’s feasible, we ask that you continue supporting our work to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest to help us keep our local ecosystems resilient for the decades to come.  

If you see a call from an unknown number, consider picking up the phone. It could be someone from Bark or another organization whose mission is important to you, but perhaps more importantly, it could be an opportunity to connect with another person about these difficult times and how we can collectively maintain our hope for the future.  

We know this health crisis is affecting many people. If you can support us at this time, please make a contribution when we call or make one today.

This transition will not be easy, but we will not quit, even in the face of unprecedented conditions. So, if you receive a call or message from us—please say hello! 


“Physical distancing” does not mean our work has come to a stop. It also does not require isolation and powerlessness. This is an opportunity for us to develop more creative means to become stronger together, despite these uncertain times. If you are able, we are asking that you stay in touch and help us, in whatever way you can, to maintain our community of forest-lovers through these difficult times. 

For the Forest, 

Justice Hager, Bark Outreach Director 

P.S. If you would be interested in connecting via video chat with a member of our Outreach Team, please reply to this email and let me know!