Video: Update On Oregon LNG Resistance

Program features Martin Evans, Bark volunteer and Olivia Schmidt who is an organizer with a large coalition of citizens, activists and land owners seeking to stop the Liquefied Natural Gas terminals and the Palomar Pipe Line.

Also featured on the program was a 13 minute video of the 2010 NW Natural Shareholders Rally produced by Frank Mahoney.

The program aired one day after a huge demonstration took place at the annual NW Natural Gas Shareholders meeting. There, a large gathering of citizens from Washington and Oregon sent a very strong message to the shareholders of NW Natural, opposing Liquefied Natural Gas facilities proposed for the Oregon coast, facilities which would necessitate a 217-mile highway-width clear cut across farms, forest lands and our Mt. Hood National Forest.

At least 250 people gathered at the Oregon Convention Center to let the shareholders meeting behind closed doors that this proposal is not only bad for the environment, but bad business as well.

An activist, who had bought a share of stock in NW Natural, attended the meeting and reported that NW Natural were making claims to their stockholders that were not true. When she challenged these lies, she was escorted from the meeting by security.

Besides speeches from organizers and affected landowners, Oregon Secretary of State Bill Bradbury and one other official spoke to the crowd, and later the mike was opened to whomever wanted to speak.

The crowd was treated to songs by the Raging Grannies, whose refrain, "we are sick of being lied to," met with loud approval from the crowd.

A powerful event, demonstrating the growing opposition to this proposal, as more and more people become aware of the reality behind the promises made by proponents and energy speculators who hope to make a bundle piping LNG to lucrative markets in California.

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Also featured on the program was a 13 minute video of the 2010 NW Natural Shareholders Rally.