Voices of Bark: Chet Lee

Winter in the forest is beautiful.

Dear Barkers,

After many years as a Bark contributor, in 2013 I joined the Board of Directors. Bark now relies on 85% of its support from people like me and you who donate.

We’re the lifeblood of the organization. And here’s why -- the most effective work takes persistence. When Bark said we’d get the Forest Service to reduce the road network in Mt. Hood National Forest by a quarter, it wasn’t because ripping up old logging roads would get us a lot of flashy attention. It’s because no other restoration effort in our forest results in so much positive outcome; roads are a major source of polluted runoff into our streams and rivers.

Bark’s donors add up to big change over time. Join me in making an annual donation today so that Bark can make a difference tomorrow.

Did you read the Sandy Post article about the old roads that were removed in the Upper Sandy River? Bark’s advocacy and pressure on the Forest Service for all these years paid off thanks to our contributions.

I’ve been working as an engineer and engineering manager at Intel for 23 years. I know that good work can take years to develop and a lot of perseverance. That’s why I choose to support Bark’s efforts for the future.

Check out this great photo of Barkers planting trees on an old logging road. I can’t wait to watch that forest return!

Thank you for supporting Bark,

Chet Lee
Hillsboro, OR

P.S. This coming week, Bark is asking all donors to consider an end-of-year donation. If every donor gave a contribution today, it would enable our restoration efforts to continue all year!

Thanks to Courtney Rae for the photo of Shyla Villanueva planting trees!


If you prefer to mail a check, please make checks payable to "Bark", PO Box 12065, Portland, OR 97212