Voices of Bark: Kate Stuart

We activated more than ten thousand people on Nestle this year!

Dear Barkers!

Seven years ago, I noticed a line on the City Council agenda of my town, Cascade Locks: “Nestlé Proposal.”

After that first meeting, I knew I needed help. When you find out that the biggest water bottling company in the world is trying to move to your town, you know it won’t be an easy fight.

I reached out to some environmental groups I knew of, hoping my call would be heard. I figured if Bark knew how to stand up against logging and energy companies, then they’d have some helpful ideas on how our town could stand up against Nestlé.

Seven years later, Bark is still standing with us. They’ve helped coordinate our legal team, organize lobbying trips to Salem, and rally thousands of people to say “No Nestlé in the Gorge!”

Please join me in making a contribution to Bark today.

One of the things I love about Bark is that they believe in people as agents of change. They believe that people like me and my neighbors can and will win against one of the biggest corporations in the world. You don’t really appreciate how much you need a group like Bark, until you need a group to have your back.

Residents of our county decided last month it was time to take this matter to a vote. Without Bark’s tireless efforts as an engaged partner in our coalition, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Thank you for continuing to support Bark,

Kate Stuart
Cascade Locks

P.S. This is the beginning of Bark’s Winter Fundraising Campaign. Bark’s goal is to raise $50,000 to offer free trainings and continue to protect Mt. Hood's forests and rivers! Help them start out right with a contribution today.



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