Voices of Bark: Marco Johnson

I love Bark. Every time a tenacious Barker comes into my shop, I get to hear about what’s happening in the forest. Like so many Portlanders, I want to know that somebody is protecting Mt. Hood’s forests. 

I own Mudd Works Roastery and showcase decades of coffee roasting experience at the Half Pint Cafe in Southeast Portland. I want integrity in the coffee I’m serving, and I share the value of transparency in Bark's efforts to engage the public in decisions that affect our forests. 

Today is Giving Tuesday. People all over the country are following up their holiday shopping with donations.

Join me in contributing to one of Portland’s favorite grassroots organizations!

As a small business owner, I want to be part of deciding our communities’ future. I’m really proud to do business in a city that values the ecosystems we depend on. 

If you donate to Bark today, come over and pick up a free cup of coffee.  

Thank you for supporting Bark,  

Marco Johnson

P.S. If you’re on social media, sharing your love for Bark is a great way to support our efforts. Use the hashtag #barklovesmthood and change your profile image to this picture to let everyone know that you’re part of protecting our forests!


Thanks to MacaPDX for the beautiful sunrise photo in the banner!