We're Moving! New, Expanded Headquarters!

It’s been nearly a year since the fire at the historic Osborne building that forced Bark to move to temporary offices. We were lucky enough to have our neighbors across the street offer us a temporary space. We’ve kept an eye on the empty building, but little progress has made towards getting tenants back in.

A few months ago, we started to see this as an opportunity to make some changes that have been part of Bark’s long-term vision. We surveyed many of our volunteers and staff to identify what are the most important characteristics for Bark’s new headquarters. And then a team of a few of our most dedicated volunteers got together to search for office space that would meet some of the top priorities.

This has been many months in the works and we can't wait to open our doors. Our new address is 351 NE 18th Ave, just off Sandy Blvd. in Portland. We've found a space that reaches a whole list of criteria we'd hoped for:

  • Our expanded presentation space will comfortably fit 30-50 people for our workshops, trainings and speakers;
  • The new space has many features that enable us to have a welcoming and more equitable facility including ground-level entrance, wheel-chair accessibility and gender-neutral restrooms;
  • The location is close to public transit (Bus Lines 12,19 and 20) as well as accessible to many of our members;
  • The increased amount of room will allow us to create a kids area;
  • And many other features that will help our new headquarters transform into a community gathering space.

Finding this space was remarkably lucky for Bark. The rising cost of rent in Portland is not only squeezing out low-income residents, but also many small nonprofits and community initiatives like Bark. We know that this opportunity brings the responsibility of sharing our resources. Having the ability to host coalition meetings, present speakers and continuing education opportunities and many other programming additions will be a priority for Bark.

We hope you can join us for our Opening Party on Thursday, July 23rd, 5-9pm! (Please note that it’s a new date from the first one released.) Please RSVP here.

Many, many thanks to Carolyn Sweeney and Joy Keen for working on our office search. And thank you to our supporters for helping us get through this transition. We can’t wait to welcome you to our new headquarters!