Winter Campaign 2012

Today's Oregonian story featuring Bark ( is a huge step for the conservation of national forests throughout the region. This is the first story in the Oregonian, to my knowledge, that raises important questions about whether landscape-wide logging is the right way to restore watersheds degraded by, well, logging.

Take a look at the Oregonian article and then read Bark's response (, where you can also choose to send a letter to the editor of the Oregonian.

In the story Bark is referred to as "Mount Hood's main environmental watchdog group." Barkers were the only ones who put boots on the ground of every acre of the proposed Jazz Timber Sale, and Bark is the one asking the tough questions that led to protecting our forests and rivers.

If you have not already made a tax-deductible donation to Bark this year, or have room to give extra, please click here (

Thank you,

Alex P. Brown, Executive Director

PS- Last Friday I led Scott Learn from the Oregonian through the now-canceled Jazz Timber Sale and I could see that it helped him understand the true impacts of logging in our watersheds. When you donate to Bark ( you are helping us do the same for hundreds of Oregonians with our monthly Bark-About hikes, volunteer Groundtruthing trainings, and campouts. Thank you!

PPS- A special thanks to Jon Rhodes, hydrologist with Planeto Azul, for providing Bark with an expert review of the Jazz Timber Sale.