A Year for Change

Make change a reality in 2021!

Reflecting back on this challenging year, I am grateful for Bark's tenacity and I feel hope for the year ahead. At the pandemic's start, I wondered: Would people stay connected with our work? Would our work still be considered important? Would very real health and economic concerns reduce support for conservation, environmental issues, and climate defense? 

Over the course of this year, our supporters proved time and again the relevance of our work. Forest defense is as important as ever.

We are at 80% of our end-of-year goal. Please make a donation today!

Your end-of-year donation helps as we all work together to address the troubling history of the creation of public lands, to restore wetland and beaver habitats, to amplify the need to coexist with and prepare for fire, and to enhance an outdated forest plan to ensure that climate resilience becomes a crucial element.

Thank you for supporting our work, as we all continue fighting for deep structural change throughout our organization and broader society. After some of the hardest years in recent memory, I'm looking forward to centering climate and environmental justice in 2021.

Celebrate your connection to Mt. Hood's forests, waters, and wildlife with a donation today!

Let’s make 2021 a spectacular year for change!

    Nakisha Nathan, Bark Executive Director