Your Forest Defender Summer Assignment

DeaRuss w/ old roadr Barkers,

I’d like your help to get rid of old unneeded logging roads in our favorite forest, locate trails that are in disrepair, and report forest abuse.  When you’re out in the forest this summer for a hike, camping trip, bird watching, wild flower picnic or just to wander around there are many ways you can help Bark to identify problem areas and restoration opportunities. Here is your summer Forest Homework!

1) Pay attention to the condition of the roads you’re driving on. This includes the signs, culverts and bridges as well as pot holes, crumbling shoulders, or rock falls. When you find a road that’s in bad shape, signs that are shot up, or a culvert that looks like it will fall apart: stop, take good photos, and make a note of where you are.

2) Document the condition of trailheads, amenities, informational signs, and the trail itself! Report erosion, downed trees, hazards, garbage etc. Always take pictures and note your location.

3) Report Forest Abuse. If you see illegal shooting, dumping, off-road vehicle use or other destructive activity document the location and any other information you can safely acquire.

After you get home please email the “evidence” to me (

Thanks for your help and for all that you do to protect Mt. Hood!