Your voice matters - act today to protect Mt. Hood National Forest

In a time of this science-denying, fear-mongering administration, it's important that the public has a voice to advocate for science-based management of public lands like Mt. Hood National Forest. 

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives is poised to pass H.R. 2936, the "Resilient Federal Forest Act," which would shut the public out of decision-making. Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR District 5) is considering voting for this deceptively named bill and needs to hear from you today!

HR 2936 would do nothing to promote actual forest resilience.  As described by fellow Representative Jared Huffman (D-CA), "the legislation would remove much-needed accountability by limiting the public’s ability to review federal agency actions, allowing the Forest Service to unilaterally waive the need for environmental review, while also potentially allowing up to 10,000-acre clearcuts without any public review."  It would also limit protection of endangered species on Forest Service lands, redirect funding from real restoration projects to timber sales, and remove legal protections for old-growth forests.

Clearcut forest on Mt. Hood - let's keep this from happening again!

After this fire season, people are understandably concerned about forest health and fire. Politicians and the timber industry are exploiting this concern to pass legislation that massively increases commercial logging, but has little to no effect on modifying fire behavior. Rep. Schrader went so far as to suggest this year's forest fires were as "equally devastating and destructive" as Hurricanes Irma & Harvey, which destroyed over 150,000 homes and displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

There is a need for the federal government to support rural communities in making their homes more resilient to fire, such as grant funding for creating firewise homes and communities, but it should not include limiting public participation in decision-making and logging native forests in the back-country!  

Please take a moment to call Rep. Schrader right now, in Washington D.C. at (202) 225-5711, or in Oregon City at (503)-557-1324, and follow-up with an email. Let him know that the public needs a voice in forest management, that forest fires should not lead to a timber industry giveaway, and that he should vote NO on HR 2936, the "Resilient Federal Forest Act." 


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