Base Camp 2018

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 5:00pm to Monday, September 3, 2018 - 5:00pm

Bark's Summer Base Camp
August 22 - September 3, 2018

This camp will be open to all participants who wish to join for any length of time (even if it’s just one day)!



Carpool to Base Camp

*See our donations wish list*

Base Camp is a public campout in the beautiful Mt. Hood National Forest, during which campers will support Bark's work by contributing time to gather critical field information on proposed logging projects in the surrounding woods. We've also invited speakers and presenters from around Mt. Hood to participate and share their work so that as we spend time together in the forest we can build connections and find intersections between our work and that of other environmental, social, and other place-based movements.


Join us to experience the joy of living in the forest! For those of us living around Mt. Hood, the forest is key to our quality of life. Mt Hood is currently one of the top carbon-storing forests in the country, placing its future management at the forefront of averting the most catastrophic effects of climate change. Mt. Hood also brings millions of visitors to our region each year, and provides a domestic water supply for 1 million Oregonians. This forest provides habitat for culturally iconic salmon and steelhead, and countless other wildlife species. The immediate area around our camp has spectacular scenic beauty including intact ancient forest, high mountain lakes, and dazzling native plant species.


We envision the forests of Mt. Hood as a symbol of inclusivity and the public good. Mt. Hood's forests are public, meaning they belong to us all. Through our work to protect the forests, we witness our future compromised by the constant pressure of an insatiable economy and the same corporate dominance that tears apart communities and ecosystems worldwide. What better place to meet and discuss the work to be done in order to create a better world for us all?

What to expect:

Please review the Ground Rules for Base Camp here.

On July 25th, MHNF issued the seasonal ban on camp fires and other activities know to increase the number of human-caused fires. Read the notice here,

Our group campsite will be free of charge and family-friendly, and thanks to generous donations from our supporters and local businesses - breakfast and dinner will be provided. We will hold a wide variety of free workshops and activities each evening at camp. This camp out is our way of encouraging more people to get involved to advocate for the protection this amazing forest. The primary goal of this camp out is to bring people together to gather on-the-ground information about the area threatened by commercial logging.

Check back on this page to receive more information about location, preparation, and events schedule for Base Camp!

Looking to carpool? Click here. Before your carpool leaves please call the office to see if there are supplies you can help transport to camp! (503) 331-0374. If you plan to drive please review Bark’s Expectations for all Drivers, here.

Schedule: Checking in at Base Camp

People can arrive as early as 5pm on Wednesday, August 22nd to set up group camp. We will begin field work and activities the following day.

If you'd like to participate in groundtruthing, please be at camp by 9:45am on the day you'd like to participate. Each day will begin with a morning orientation for new participants to help prepare for the day ahead. Most evenings will include workshops, discussions or other programming coordinated by Bark volunteers.

8/22 - set up camp; intro to Base Camp!

8/23 – groundtruthing (day); wolf talk (evening)

8/24Seed collection with Walama restoration (day); Human mapping project with Mazamas (evening)

8/25 – groundtruthing (day); Non-Violent Communication training (evening)

8/26 – groundtruthing/tree climbing with NEST, Terra Incognita 6pm, the Understory Book Club 8:30pm

8/27– groundtruthing/tree climbing with NEST

8/28 – groundtruthing (day); Campaign update from Cascadia Wildlands (evening)

8/29 - groundtruthing (day); Forest Forum Theater (evening)

8/30 - groundtruthing (day); Forest policy workshop (evening)

8/31 - groundtruthing (day); Arctos botany workshop (evening)

9/1 -  wildlife tracking/groundtruthing w/ Cascadia Wild (day);

9/2 – groundtruthing (day); TBA (evening)

9/3 - groundtruthing (day); block print training (evening)

9/4 break camp

We will provide:

  • A beautiful, free, & primitive campsite (NW Forest Pass will not be necessary to park)
  • Drinking water
  • Basic breakfast (oatmeal, toppings, fruit)
  • Coffee and tea
  • Dinner - We can accommodate many diets (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free), but please come prepared to meet your own more specific dietary needs
  • Training and information, field guides, etc.
  • Supplies for groundtruthing and other group activities.

    Whether or not you are a seasoned camper, please CLICK HERE FOR WHAT TO PACK FOR BASE CAMP.

Since our campsite will be primitive (to allow free camping for all), please come prepared for:
No electrical hookups,
No cell service or wifi,
No garbage pickup,
No plumbing (although we will have plenty of water available on site)
No flush toilets (we will be using dug latrines).


  • This year's Base Camp location has limited closeby parking spaces; please be mindful of the space you take up with your vehicle. Please check our carpool page to reduce congestion.
  • If you are planning on sleeping in your vehicle, note that there are limited flat spots in the proximity of camp. If they fill up we will provide recommendations of other locations in the area.

*See our donations wish list*


Call (503) 331-0374 for more information. If possible, please let us know approximately which days you are interested in attending!