Comment Writing Workshop: North Clack Timber Sale

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 - 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Want to participate in making an impact on how the U.S. Forest Service manages forests surrounding Mt. Hood? The 30-day public comment period has begun for the North Clack Timber Sale, a proposal which includes includes roughly 4,000 acres of commercial logging, and nearly 20 miles of roadbuilding which has major effects on ecosystems.

Come to the Bark office - 351 NE 18th Ave in Portland - anytime from 5:30-7:30 to join others in writing comments on this project, which are due on April 15th. We will assist you in finding the information you need and forming your arguments so you can have legal standing.

In 2018, Bark had our annual Base Camp in North Clack where we surveyed and collected a plethora of information about the area. We've found countless old growth trees, unmapped streams, and sensitive plant species. We also worked with the Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team (NEST) to locate over 40 nests of the red tree vole, a federally protected rodent that lives in the canopy.

We were disappointed that the Forest Service did not yet include buffers for the red tree vole nests in the project documents released with the current comment period. And instead they chose to propose additional clearcutting in areas they know that red tree voles are nesting.

Logging has been shown by OSU research and the Oregon Global Warming Commission to be a top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in Oregon, so it's important that the Forest Service hear from the public that they want their forests to be a carbon sink, not source. We believe the Forest Service should be working to restore the forest in this area by decommissioning old logging roads, rehabilitating illegally-created motorized trails, and improving habitat for species like salmon and beaver.

Come to this event to learn more! Or contact / Call 503-331-0374
351 NE 18th Ave in Portland