Ecology Club: NW Forest Plan "Ecological Forestry"

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Envisioned as a truce to end the Timber Wars of the 1980's, the NW Forest Plan established new, comprehensive management standards and guidelines meant to balance protections for old growth dependent species with sustained timber yields on the National Forests of the PNW. The 1994 plan mandated an ecology-based forest management framework, limiting old-growth logging and putting in place environmental and habitat protections for endangered fish and wildlife like the northern spotted owl, marbled murrelet, Chinook salmon, and steelhead.
This bioregional approach to forest management offered a spark of hope for environmentalists seeking to protect sensitive species and ecosystems while at the same time promising to deliver immense quantities of logs for the timber industry. This controversial forest management policy has affected every timber sale on Mt. Hood and across the region and right now it is being considered for revision.
Join Bark's Associate Director Courtney Rae and Staff Attorney Brenna Bell for a deep dive into the ecological and social situation that spawned this landmark policy, the impact of 25 years of implementation, and the upcoming revisions to the NW Forest Plan.

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Join us online the second Wednesday of each month for Ecology Club! We discuss an ecological themes related to Bark’s work on Mt Hood or seasonal skills to give the community a deeper appreciation and understanding of NW ecology. Some months feature presenters, who bring their unique skills to the community. Other times, we will work as a group on such topics as thinning, fire ecology, wildflowers, birds, road ecology, or other ecologicical knowledge.
At the meeting's close, we leave time open to further explore the topics of the evening, delve deeper into Bark's work to protect Mt Hood, and learn about what you can do to protect Mt. Hood National Forest!
This event is free + open to the public. If you have any questions, reach out to us at 503.331.0374 or email
image of a spotted owl surrounded by lichen moss in a coniferous forest