Free Mt. Hood Campaign

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

What is Free Mt. Hood? 
Free Mt. Hood is a campaign to protect the forest's natural, ecological resilience to the changing climate and to make Mt. Hood National Forest a 21st century model of public forest management. In this era of climatic change the vast, largely intact ecosystems on public lands are strongholds for clean water, wildlife habitat, and our cultural and economic future. Management priorities need to be refocused and centered around climate resilience; protecting drinking water sources, enhancing wildlife habitat connectivity and climate refugia and safeguarding cultural values and carbon sequestration potential.

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While Bark has been successful in stopping thousands of acres of commercial logging on these public lands, the root source of these destructive projects is the Mt. Hood Forest Management Plan itself, which remains focused on commercial timber extraction and each new project is more destructive than the last.

The Free Mt. Hood campaign is calling for a critical update to the Mt. Hood Forest Plan.

With nearly two decades of experience bringing people to the forest, Bark is in a unique and compelling position to catalyze our active community and bring the management of these public lands into the movement for greater climate resiliency for communities around the region. We love Mt. Hood, but more than that, we rely on this forest to sustain our local communities. Join our work to free this incredible forest ecosystem from decades of misguided and exploitative management.

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handdrawn illustration of Mt. Hood with native flora in the foreground