Kid's Night at Bark

Friday, March 18, 2016 - 5:30pm to 8:00pm

Ecosystems: Communities of Balance

We want to set aside some time and space for kids to play, learn about the environment, and organize and work on issues that matter to them.

This will be a monthly event, hosted by some of our youngest Barkers! There will be games and activities designed by kids and each month we will watch a kid's environmental movie.

There are some very interesting opportunities for kid's to participate in environmental advocacy. While this is mostly just a fun night for now, we hope to develop into a productive environmental action group focused on the young voices. We hope parents will talk to kids about environmental activism on the way to Kid's Night

Since it is around dinner time, we encourage all parents to bring a dish to share or to have dinner before coming. We will have some basic snacks on hand

This is for kids of ALL AGES!

Contact Courtney at (503) 331-0374 with any questions.

When: Friday March, 18th 2016 from 5:30-8pm
Where: Bark's office - 351 NE 18th Ave. Portland, OR 97232
What to bring: Kids! Snack to share (optional)

Here is the agenda!

5:30 Introductions.  Please say your name and someone or something which has inspired you.

Recap from last time discussing how an ecosystem needed to be balanced.  Move forward to talking about how ecosystems are like communities and communities need to be balanced.  Ask What happens when a community is not balanced?

Discuss concerns kids have about unbalanced communities. What do they think could be done?  Highlight the need for actions to be: nonviolent, nondestructive, personally driven, to empower others.

A couple of the kid's have decided to give a presentation about Harriet Tubman. 

Talk about Environmental Peace Heroes who are inspiring. 

We watch a movie with similar themes and concepts.

8pm - End