May Ecology Club: Lichen Night

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm

For our May Ecology Club, we will explore the unbelievable world of lichens! Lichens do everything from "fixing" atmospheric nitrogen to providing key nesting materials for birds. Are lichens organisms or ecosystems? Are they fungal greenhouses or algal farmsteads? Find out for yourself this month with Bark's lichenologist Maysa Miller, who will be sharing lichens we'll likely see in Mt. Hood National Forest.

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Join us online the second Wednesday of each month for Ecology Club! We discuss an ecological themes related to Bark’s work on Mt Hood or seasonal skills to give the community a deeper appreciation and understanding of NW ecology. Some months feature presenters, who bring their unique skills to the community. Other times, we will work as a group on such topics as thinning, fire ecology, wildflowers, birds, road ecology, or other ecological knowledge.
At the meeting's close, we leave time open to further explore the topics of the evening, delve deeper into Bark's work to protect Mt Hood, and learn about what you can do to protect Mt. Hood National Forest!
This event is free + open to the public. 

Photo shows lichen growing on a stick with a mossy, tree-filled forest in the background