Zigzag Timber Sale: NEPA Comment Writing Workshop

Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Breaking a 20-year moratorium on logging in the Zigzag Ranger District, the U.S. Forest Service is proposing the Zigzag Integrated Resource Project. The project area includes approximately 2,700 acres of logging with timber production as the main motivation. This is in response to the Trump administration's increased timber targets. This project includes two areas: Horseshoe (from Old Maid Flat to Lolo Pass) and Mud Creek (south ofTrillium Lake), and would mostly log by "thinning" with some "regeneration harvest" (a.k.a. clearcuts) proposed.

Bark's volunteer groundtruthers have already put boots on the ground throughout the project area to document the forest conditions. After decades of recovery, these areas show some of the most robust salmon population and habitat in Mt. Hood National Forest. The water and wildlife in these areas deserve our protection!

One of the most effective public tools against logging projects is a good NEPA comment. Using the information collected by volunteers, this workshop will be a space to draft substantive comments to ensure that we have legal standing in the fight against the U.S. Forest Service logging in Zigzag. Get feedback on your points and drill down with the information that Bark’s groundtruthing efforts have generated so far with the support of Bark staff and experienced volunteers. It is a good idea start on your research or rough drafts prior to the meeting!

This event is held at the Bark office, 351 NE 18th Ave. 

Free + open to the public

Contact courtney@bark-out.org for more information or call 503.331.0374



A unit of the proposed Zigzag Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest