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Big Give Day: Donate for a Chance to Win aTrek FX 1 Commuter Bike! more

two volunteers measuring the circumference of a large tree trunk in a field surveyDoin’ Good for Mt. Hood – From the Forest to the Courthouse

Read about Brenna's fight for the forests in court against the Crystal Clear Timber more

group of volunteers crowded around animal tracks in the grass with a diagram for referenceHow Can You Do Good for Mt. Hood?

Big Give Day: Donate for a Chance to Win the Powder Play Package! more

give!guide logo in bright yellow and sea foam greenDo Good for Mt. Hood!

Bark is in the 2019 Give!Guide! more

resurgence convergence logo showing a fist raised in protests growing out of roots in front of mountains and treesRecentering the Movement to Protect Forests Everywhere

Lessons from the North American Forest and Climate Convergence more

Members of Bark's canvass teamMeet the Outreach Team!

The friendly faces of Bark’s Outreach Team brings the latest on our work to defend and restore Mt. Hood National Forest right to the doorstep of your more

Base Camp Report Out and Upcoming Events

Post-Basecamp fuzzies plus upcoming opportunities to stay more

Base Camp Happening Now!

Join us in the forest for Base Camp August 20th – September 2nd! more

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hand drawn illustration of mt. hood in front of a field of native plant species with a sign held by birds reading free mt. hood
Free Mt. Hood Campaign Committee
Wed, Jan 22nd at 5:45 pm

The Free Mt. Hood campaign is calling for a critical update to the Mt. Hood Forest Plan.... read more

light cover of snow on coniferous leaves of a cedar and doug fir forest
January Bark About Hike: The Ecology of Edges
Sun, Jan 26th at 9:00 am

Start your new year off with a beautiful, reflective hike... read more

line of volunteers walking along a trail in old growth forest
Zigzag Timber Sale Campaign Meeting #2
Wed, Jan 29th at 6:00 pm

There hasn't been any logging in the Zigzag District of Mt. Hood in almost 25 years. Fast growing, carbon-rich forests are bouncing back... read more

A unit of the proposed Zigzag Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest
Zigzag Timber Sale NEPA comment writing workshop
Wed, Feb 5th at 6:00 pm

This workshop will be a space to draft substantive comments to ensure that we have legal standing in the fight against the U.S. Forest Service logging in Zigzag.... read more

rodent tracks in the snow next to a paperback book with ruler for scale
February Bark About Hike: Wildlife Tracking
Sun, Feb 9th at 9:00 am

Join Bark and ... read more

overlooking a green, vegetative expanse with a cloudy gray sky overhead
March Bark About: Today and Yesterday
Sun, Mar 8th at 8:30 am

Join Gradey for Bark’s free... read more


Bark TV

Returning to the controversial Jazz Timber Sale

"It doesn't even look like a forest!"