BLM needs to hear from YOU!

The Bureau of Land Management's timber program in Western Oregon is somewhat of an anomaly.  Created after a corporate land-swap gone bad in the 1930s, the BLM more

Clackamas Victory!

As Mt. Hood's forests were burning in the 36-Pit Fire so was Bark's office. Here's a lemons-to-lemonade story worth reading... more

Deadline for public comments on Nestle water transfer is tomorrow!

Bark with Food & Water Watch has continuously challenged the Oregon Water Resources Department’s approval of permits that move Nestlé one key step closer to bottling and selling Oregon’s water, but the key is public more

Amy HarwoodBark Alert: Big changes

Welcome Amy Harwood as Bark's Interim Executive Director for the next more

Bark Alert: Now, the bad news...

Last week, I shared the good news about Bark’s win for the Airstrip Timber Sale.  This week, I’m sharing some bad news: in an astonishingly short and shallow opinion, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals approved Mt. Hood National Forest’s Jazz Timber Sale, which will log 2,000 acres and rebuild 12 miles of roads in the ecologically sensitive Collawash more

No Nestle Portland OrSubmit your comment to OWRD today!

Allowing this state agency to open the doors to a Nestlé bottling plant not only sets a bad precedent, but this decision would lead to a wasteful and potentially unsustainable use of a public more

Bark Alert: Good news for Mt Hood forests

I'm excited to share that Bark has just protected over 150 acres of the most ecologically-significant forests of the North Fork of the Clackamas River! more

How Bark won the Airstrip Timber Sale victory

In 2009, Bark received a scoping notice from the Salem BLM that it was considering “. . . thinning approximately 277 acres within the matrix and riparian LUA and will consider regeneration harvest [clearcut] on approximately 48 acres…” on LaDee Flat. more

Oregonian: Anti-Nestle protestors decry state's role in proposed bottled water plant

Rush hour across the Hawthorne Bridge Thursday morning was an unusually rowdy affair, about 150 demonstrators gathered at the bridge's eastern approach to decry the state's plan to let Nestlé bottle and sell water from a Columbia River Gorge more

No Nestle Portland OrBark Alert: Join Nestle action tomorrow and updates

Hundreds are organizing for a mass protest in Portland tomorrow. We need you to be more

Take Action Now to Stop Nestle

Kate Brown allows a fast-track Nestlé application to move ahead on Friday afternoon, opening the door for Nestlé's proposed bottling more

Forest policy training details and meet Courtney

Meet Courtney at tomorrow night's Rad◦i◦cle training, Introduction to Federal Forest more

Crash on Oregon 6Oregonian: Portland woman critically injured in Oregon 6 crash

Bark is saddened to learn that Mt. Hood Forest Supervisor Lisa Northrop was in a serious car accident over the weekend. Our thoughts are with her and her more

New Forest Service plan threatens old-growth protections

Can you come to a special meeting with the Forest Service on Tuesday evening, March 17th in Portland? more

Take action for the Northslope!

Where were you ten years ago? In 2005 Bark and the Cooper Spur Wild and Free Coalition were celebrating the cancellation of the Polallie-Cooper Timber more