Another crumbling road on Mt. HoodRoad Rage: Why all the fuss about roads?

According to the Forest Service, sediment contribution from roads to streams is greater than all other forest management activities combined.

But what roads pose the biggest problem? And how can we remove them without limiting our access to the forest? more

August Bark Alert: Nestlé, edible plants, and more

Dear Barker, The Travel Analysis Process, or TAP, is set to begin in Mt. Hood National Forest this month. It may sound boring but it will determine the future of how, and maybe if, you get to your favorite trail, campground, or fishing hole for decades to more

Two Ways to Help Mt. Hood Hikers

This weekend, Bark's allies at Trailkeepers of Oregon will build a trail that closes a chapter in the history of illegal ATV use in Mt. Hood National more

Increased public logging won’t solve job woes

"Our federal forest, so coveted by industry, belongs to all of us, including future generations. And in Oregon, beyond the forest industry’s locked gates, we the people own the water, fisheries, wildlife and clean air as well!" more

July Bark Alert: 3 easy ways to protect Mt. Hood

The sun is shining, kids are out of school, and it’s time to go log Mt. Hood National Forest.

Wait, what!?

It’s hiking season, but instead of clearing your favorite trails, the Forest Service is closing public roads to ramp up logging projects like the Jazz Timber more

Logging Expansion Won't Help Rural Communities

"Increased logging on federal lands will not fix these problems. Instead, it will diminish jobs in one of Oregon's fastest growing industries, outdoor recreation." more

Bark Summer School Kickoff Ecology Talk

Did you know that trees share nutrients and water with one another through an underground network of hidden fungi? And that damaging these soil networks through logging activities can leave entire swaths of forest malnourished for up to 45 years? more

June Bark Alert

$13,188. That's how much the Forest Service would spend to reconstruct just one of 42 more

Bend Bulletin: OR-7, the well-traveled wolf, is a father

Photo shows at least two pups in southwest Oregon more

Bark’s 10-day Collawash River campout kicks off this Friday!

Come for the day, or come for all ten! Camping experience is all that is required, we’ll teach you the rest. We’ll be in the forest from Friday May 30th until Sunday June more

Children hold their signs in the mud, symbolizing harm to salmon.Sandy Post: Mt. Hood Forest office site of protester's efforts

“The timber sale program in our national forest is broken... We’re here to change what’s happening in our own backyard.” more

Oregon’s wandering wolf may have found a mate

Josh Laughlin, campaign director with Cascadia Wildlands, hailed the news about OR-7 as “an incredible new chapter for wolf recovery in Oregon.” This would be the first wolf pack in Oregon’s Cascades since they were “systematically exterminated” from the state more than 60 years more

Bark Alert: Rally for the Collawash and How to Vote On Water Initiative

News cameras captured the action at yesterday's rally while OPB’s Earth Fix ran the story on public radio throughout the Pacific NW this morning. If you missed the fun, be sure to check out our more

OPB: Environmental Group Appeals Court Ruling On Mount Hood Logging

“We’ve been fighting Jazz for almost four years,” said staff attorney Brenna Bell. “Let us hope that the judges who review the case this time have a better grasp of the law and the facts than the judge who ruled on it last time.” more

Rally for the Collawash River and New Jazz Video

Produced by local filmmaker Trip Jennings, the short video illustrates why the Jazz Timber Sale is so bad for the Collawash more