The Management Plan for Mt. Hood National Forest was adopted in 1990 and has not been updated since then. This document guides every decision that the Forest Service makes.The Need for Change

The way that we view our forests and the principles guiding decisions that are made about them need to fundamentally change. We cannot keep painting over the cracks in the more

When you imagine the future of this region, what do you see?

Bark relies on people like you who value our proactive and on-the-ground approaches and choose to invest in the future of Mt. Hood National more

Penny at Lost Creek near Horseshoe RidgeACTION ALERT: Support Local Voices on Zigzag Logging Proposal

We are Laura, Penny, Russell, Mitch and Georgenne. Like you, we love Mt. Hood and consider it our responsibility to be informed and take action for the protection of the forests, waters, and wildlife with whom we share the landscape. more

aerial photo of Riverside Fire area, smoke rising out of the coniferous canopyRiverside Fire Information Resources

The Clackamas River watershed is a favorite place for many Barkers — we have hiked, camped, fished, rafted, groundtruthed all over this region, from Eagle Creek to the Collawash. And now it has changed.  As the immediate threat to homes and communities from the Riverside Fire has subsided, we are trying to understand where it burned, how it burned, and what this will mean for the forest of the future.  Bark has been gathering information and resources to help answer these questions, and we'd like to share a few with you.  As we learn more, we'll share more! more

Bark Alert: Report from the Field

Between the pandemic and the fires, this is a difficult time for many Barkers. For some, homes and loved ones have been lost, and for many, the places that we treasure are changing significantly. It seems many of us are learning a lot about grief this year. While I am sad that we can’t currently be together in the forest, I want to take a few moments to celebrate Bark’s work and invite you to join us as we continue to grow and adapt with these new landscapes. more

smoky view of st. johns neighborhood street in portland, oregon. cars, homes, trees, and power lines are obscured through the gray blanket of hazeBark Alert: Fire Ecology, Smoke Safety + Community Resources

Through the haze, we want to offer some clarity on what we know about the fire in Oregon’s forests and to share resources on what we can all do right away to protect ourselves and to help those with the greatest need right more

Gnarl Ridge fire near Tilly Jane areaFire Policy

Read Bark's Fire Policy, background information, and fire science resources.

You can read an abbreviated version of Bark's Fire Policy here and find the full policy including background information and a list of fire science resources in the document linked below. more

group of volunteers surveying new growth in a previous burn area from the 36 Pit fire in 2014. Foreground shows sprigs of bright new green against the rocky soil.Bark Alert: Learning Lessons from the Land

As I write, Mt. Hood National Forest is burning. Several new fires are burning through the Clackamas River Ranger District and information is changing by the minute. But, since August 17th, I’ve had my eyes on the White River Fire on the east side of Mt. Hood National more

Are you ready to pick up Bark’s tools for forest defense?

Rad◦i◦cle {the first root of a seedling to emerge during germination} is Bark’s free Activist Training program that empowers individuals to learn valuable skills in forest ecology, public lands advocacy, and community organizing.
The series starts tonight! Join us! more

view on Trillium Lake from a bright blue kayak. Vista faces the pine-ridged shore line on a sunny dayAction Alert: Zigzag Timber Sale Comments are Due Next Monday

The Mt. Hood Forest Service is again under pressure to meet rising timber volume quotas by logging forests in the headwaters of the Sandy and Salmon river watersheds. Approximately 2,013 acres would be logged to meet the goals of the "Zigzag Integrated Resource Project". The Forest Service is accepting public comment on the project’s draft Environmental Assessment (EA or PA) until August 10th (next Monday!). more

Zigzag Timber Sale Public Comment Writing Resources

Public comment periods are required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which more

Bark Volunteers measuring a large tree in Crystal Clear Timber Sale with gleeAction Alert: Take action to increase forest carbon storage!

Please send a letter to ODF and the Commission encouraging them to begin a science-based process to reform Oregon's forest practices to protect water quality, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and store more carbon. more

Bark Signs onto Letter: Cost-Effective Policy Proposal to Increase Forest-Carbon Stocks

July 23, 2020

Oregon Global Warming Commission
Attn: Catherine Macdonald
550 Capitol St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

Peter Daugherty
Oregon Board more

image of mt. hood's sandy glacier, blue sky, reddish rockSpecial Alert: Zigzag Comments are due and we are hiring for Development Director

Logging in Zigzag could impact sensitive species, critical salmon habitat, high-value recreation economies, and climate more

volunteers in a dry field, performing beaver habitat evaluationsBark Alert: Summer Events + Updates

Even though the summer lineup looks different this year, we’ll keep working to share our resources, skills and knowledge with you so we can all keep advocating for this special place. Check out these ways to get involved with forest advocacy on Mt. Hood! more