Wolves confirmed in northern portion of Cascades (Wasco County)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

THE DALLES, Ore.—At least two wolves are more

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Mt. Hood land exchange heads to Trump's more

Mushrooms, frogs and wild hucklberries

I've always thought the Forest Service's mission was to protect the forest but at Bark’s summer Base Camp I saw some ugly hidden more

burned forest in Mt. HoodBark taught me the truth about fire

Last month, I attended Bark’s Staff Attorney Brenna’s presentation on Fire Policy. It was great! more

Action is the antidote to despair

We move through despair by speaking our truth, advocating for our values. When enough of us do it, for a long enough time, things change. We change more

#LawlessLogging bill passes the House

"The administration wants to see it put in place, so we've got the administration helping to push it through the Senate," said Rep. more

After the Smoke Clears - Eagle Creek fires and forest recovery

Learn more about the impact of the fire on the Gorge and what you can do to help the forests naturally recover and protect cherished public lands into the more

Nestle Opponents Celebrate Long-Awaited Victory

Over the years, tens of thousands of Oregonians have actively opposed the transfer of public water to Nestlé more

Tell Kurt Schrader to vote NO on the Resilient Federal Forest Act

The House of Representatives is poised to pass H.R. 2936, the "Resilient Federal Forest Act," which would shut the public out of decision-making. Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR District 5) is more

Nestle Loses, Bark Wins

Kate Brown closes the door on Nestlé​'s proposed bottling plant in Cascade more

Your voice matters - act today to protect Mt. Hood National Forest

Tell Rep. Schrader not to silence the public in National Forest Management, and to vote NO on HR more

FAQs about our new Executive Director, Rob Sadowsky

Read some answers to questions that you might have for our new Executive Director, Rob Sadowsky like: Where is your favorite place to hike in Mt. Hood National Forest? or What kind of chocolate is best for s'mores? more