FERC Chairman Calls for Change

Chairman John Wellinghoff attended a conference in Portland and spoke about the impacts of LNG development on climate more

January Bark hike video

Two dozen people participated in the January Bark About to the proposed Nestle water bottling plant site and its spring source in the scenic Columbia River more

Obama proclaims 40th anniversary of NEPA

Despite Bush administration attacks, the National Environmental Policy Act continues to ensure transparent environmental decisions and government more

Taming Oregon's Backlog of Aging Forest Roads

Oregon contains 69,000 miles of National Forest roads. This vast network of roads harms our water supply and salmon, but now the Forest Service has the funding to do something about these more

Judge upholds surveys for species before logging

The ruling Thursday from U.S. District Court in Seattle effectively strikes down the last surviving piece of the Bush administration's strategy to boost logging in spotted owl more

Bills would push more national forest thinning

The bills drew support from Tom Partin, president of the American Forest Resource Council, a timber industry more

Photo of SpringNestle Bottling Plant Proposed for Columbia Gorge

Bottling a hundred million gallons annually, Nestle is seeking to turn a profit on our most valuable public more

CLIMATE: Forest Service 'dramatically reshaping' plans in response to warming

Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell has directed the agency's regions and research stations to jointly produce draft "landscape conservation action plans" by March 1 to guide its day-to-day response to climate more

November Bark Mushroom Field Trip

Field trip to identify and collect edible mushrooms. This is the full length monthly "Bark for Mt. Hood" program produced for Public Access television here in Portland more

Tattooing an Icon

Icon Tattoo raises big money for more

This Bark has a Bite

Mountain Times Article about Bark's recent presentation on the Mt. Hood OHV Plan with the Rhododendron Community Planning more

Bark Joins Lawsuit Against Bush-Era Energy Planning

Conservation organizations and a western Colorado county today filed a legal challenge to a Bush-era plan that designated energy corridors that promote coal-fired and other fossil-fuel power more

Mt. Hood National Forest on Path to Limit Off-road Vehicles

"We do believe people have a right to use the forest, but we don't think it's right for people to be going into the backcountry and abusing it," said Amy Harwood of the Portland group more

Oregonians speak out for a fair Mt. Hood OHV Plan

In the short 60-day comment period, nearly 1,000 Oregonians demanded a fair OHV Plan that protects clean water, quiet recreation, and wildlife more

Off-road vehicles, wilderness don't mix on Mount Hood

Oregonian Guest Column by Kate more