BLM Issues Decision on WOPR

The BLM finalized a plan that would nearly triple the timber harvest on 2.6 million acres of land in western Oregon, despite objections from environmental groups and Gov. more

Forest initiative puts Mt. Hood on radar

Decaying Forest Service logging roads are marked for restoration in an initiative attached to the Economic Stimulus Package currently being planned by Congress and President-elect Obama’s transition more

Forest Service plans to clear legal path for pipeline in Mount Hood forest

The Oregonian reports that the Forest Service plans to loosen environmental laws in Mt. Hood National Forest for the Palomar more

Wyden Objects to Planned Pipeline Through Mt. Hood

Senator Wyden has come out with a letter to the Forest Service, strongly opposing amendments to rules on Mt. Hood to allow for the Palomar more

Obama Names Picks for Agriculture and Interior

Senator Ken Salazar of Colorado is picked to lead the Interior Department and former governor of Iowa, Tom Vilsack, will lead the Department of more

Palomar files for FERC application, despite comment period extension

Palomar files application with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission weeks before public input is more

National Coalition Announces Push to Create a Forest Watershed Restoration Corps

Borrowing a page from history and one of the most popular New Deal programs, The Legacy Roads Restoration Initiative today proposed a program to create a $500 million Forest Watershed Restoration Corps within the National Forest more

In our view Dec. 9: Protecting Pinchot

Fragile forest does not need more off-road vehicle trails. External combustion in our forests is bad enough. There’s certainly no need for any increase in internal more

National Forest visitors down, no one knows why

Recreation in national forests has declined; land managers attribute it to outside circumstances, critics claim hiking and camping fees are the real more

Obama's First One Hundred Days

Environmental groups announce their Hope for President-Elect Obama's first hundred days in more

Oklahoma senator once again holds up Mount Hood legislation

An Oklahoma senator who makes frequent light of what he calls examples of Oregon "pork" spending once again blocked new Mount Hood wilderness legislation Friday, despite wide support in the rest of the more

Video from Highland Fling Timber Sale

Seven minute video featuring the October Bark Field Trip to the Bureau of Land Managements Highland Fling Timber more

Amy HarwoodBark's Amy Harwood wins Skidmore Prize

Amy and three other local non-profit heroes have been chosen from dozens of nominations to receive this year’s Skidmore Prize from the Willamette more

Bark's analysis of election and its impact on Mt. Hood National F orest

Bark assesses how five races: President-elect Barack Obama, Senator-elect Jeff Merkley, Congressman-elect Kurt Schrader, Oregon treasurer-elect Ben Westlund, and Oregon Secretary of State-elect Kate Brown, could change the future of Mt. Hood and America' more