Olympia Washington NO LNG Rally

Video of a Rally on the steps of the State Capitol in Olympia Washington, urging Governor Chris Gregoire to mount a legal challenge to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) approval of the Bradwood Liquefied Natural Gas more

The secret's out: Tons of water in Oregon's Cascades

The most valuable resource in the national forests atop the Oregon Cascades may not be the timber and recreation spots they're known for, but something else that's largely invisible: more

Forest Certification Considered for National Forests

The Forest Service has opened a public comment period for consideration of sustainable logging certification for our national forests -- good incentive or greenwashing? more

Groups gather to discuss Mount Hood recreation and ecology

Bark will host the Mt. Hood Solutions Summit to bring together local stakeholders to discuss public lands trends and quiet more

LNG Opponents Will Challenge FERC Decision on Bradwood Landing

FERC approves permit for terminal connected to the Palomar Pipeline and opponents call on State to deny all additional more

Clatsop County voters reject proposed pipeline for LNG !!

In the first, and possibly only, public vote on LNG and pipelines, the overwhelming voice says more

Oregon's Forest Resources

The story behind the green forest more

Removing roads key to keeping Portland's water source clean

City of Portland's water supply secured through Congressional appropriations for road decommissioning in sensitive more

Mt. Hood National Forest Releases Update on OHV Plan

After almost a year since the scoping period began for the Mt. Hood National Forest OHV Plan, the Forest Service released an update on the current status of the more

Forest Service Wants To Increase Camping Fees

If you like to camp out in the Columbia River Gorge, you might want to do it once more this summer. Because next year, the fees in certain campgrounds may be significantly more

Firefighting tactics may be overkill

Some say fighting fires in remote areas puts crews in unnecessary more

Off-Road Rage' Climbs as Trails Get More Crowded

As more and more Americans light out for backcountry trails, officials are seeing a parallel rise in episodes of "off-road rage." more

Bark Art

Preview of the show and details on the opening more

Update: Mt. Hood Travel Plan

Much has happened with roads and off-road vehicles on Mt. Hood since Bark's 2007 Roadtruthing more

New report: Greatest value of forests is sustainable water supply

The forests of the future may need to be managed as much for a sustainable supply of clean water as any other goal, researchers say in a new federal report
Public release date: more