Rethinking camping

A Forest Service plan could dramatically change Mount Hood's more

Road washout in Mt. Hood National Forest caused by winter storms.Bark Successfully Puts Pressure on Forest Service During Travel Planning Open House

The Forest Service recently held two travel planning “open houses” to unveil its proposal for six new off-road vehicle more

Top forestry official faces contempt hearing

A federal judge in Montana has ordered the Bush administration's top forestry official to explain why he should not be held in contempt of court for the U.S. Forest Service's failure to analyze the environmental impacts of dropping fish-killing fire more

Living -- For Now -- In Paradise

Forests owned by the federal Bureau of Land Management make good neighbors -- until the chain saws show up. The Oregonian gets the scoop on Annie's more

Forest Service unveils new plans for National Forests

The Bush administration will attempt tomorrow to revive its highly touted national planning rule that governs how management plans are developed for 193 million acres of national more

Oregonians speak out about Mt. Hood

A recent collection of letters to the Oregonian about clearcutting Mt. Hood and increasing logging more

BLM proposes major upswing in logging

Western Oregon - The agency seeks to cut seven times as many older trees and says it would lift cash-strapped more

Cash infusion accelerates NW logging

National forests - The Bush administration action pushes cutting to a high not seen in more

Study: More kids die on ATVs than bikes

Children under the age of 16 are seven times more likely to ride bicycles than all-terrain vehicles, yet ATVs cause more deaths among youngsters than their peddling counterparts, according to a new more

Old growth species mandate lifted from Northwest Forest Plan

Acting on an agreement with the timber industry, the Bush administration has decided to quit looking for little-known snails, lichens and other sensitive species before selling timber in Northwest national forests, setting up another round of more

So much for saving the spotted owl

Two decades after the wrenching drive to save an obscure bird divided Oregonians, reshaped the economy and tore apart the political landscape, the northern spotted owl is disappearing more

Forest Service timber sale tracking inadequate

Field managers at national forests are planning and monitoring timber sales in the dark because the Forest Service doesn't maintain adequate records, the Government Accountability Office says in a new more

Annie’s Cabin logging bid awarded

Molalla Pioneer Newspaper talks to Bark about the recent sale of the BLM's Annie's Cabin Timber more

The Columbian Editorial- In our view: Closing Roads

Bush, owl, activists are among factors in cutbacks, which aren’t all more

Oregonian: Mt. Hood Forest draws lines around off-roaders

Wilderness damage - Rangers say they haven't had big problems so far but want to head off impacts of growing more