Oregonian Part I: Deceptively dangerous: Why ATVs keep killing

As regulators and companies look the other way, lax safety rules cost more more

Oregonian Part II: A loss they never saw coming

An Oregon couple considered ATVs safe for their young girls until an accident shattered that perception and so much more

Oregonian Part III: ATV labels read: Rider beware

Damages become harder to recover in court as safety warnings intended for consumers end up shielding manufacturers more

Oregonian Part IV: Riders throttle safety legislation

ATV enthusiasts and dealers make themselves heard in Salem, speaking up for a training bill but shouting down other more

Funding to repair Forest Service roads difficult to come by

Historic logging peaks has left a legacy of road maintenance and a question of how to pay for more

State says feds should step up to the plate and fix Forest Service roads

Nearly 2,170 miles of primitive roads meander through the Olympic National Forest, but poor maintenance and inadequate funding have left nearly half of those roads one big storm away from a more

Oregonian Editorial: Another trek up Mount Hood

This time, Oregon's entire congressional delegation should support a single plan to expand more

Senate questions Forest Service funding increases for fire suppression, logging, and roadbuilding

Bush administration officials are scheduled to pay a visit to the Senate Interior Appropriations Subcommittee this week to defend the $4.127 billion proposed fiscal 2008 budget for the Forest more

Long-term county payments deal left out of war spending bill

A $5 billion deal that would have provided long-term payments to timber counties and states was left on the cutting room floor as House and Senate appropriators finished the conference report for the fiscal 2007 war supplemental more

Environmental rulings lean against Bush?

Administration unduanted by what conservationists see as rebuke of its more

New study sheds light on long-term effects of logging after wildfire

Are severe reburns likely with or without logging? A new study on the effects of timber harvest following wildfire shows that the potential for a recently burned forest to reburn can be high with or without more

Judge rejects Bush admin bid to rewrite fish protections in NW Forest Plan

A federal judge has rejected a Bush administration rule that would have made it easier to cut trees under the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan by allowing short-term negative impacts on salmon more

Study: Reforestation Rich After Fires

Scientists looking at the aftermath of wildfires in the forests of southwestern Oregon and Northern California found that after five to ten years even the most severely burned areas had sprouted plentiful seedlings without any help from more

Judge: Administration suppressed scientists' views on forest plan

The Bush administration illegally suppressed and misrepresented the views of dissenting scientists when it eased logging restrictions under the Northwest Forest Plan, a federal judge has more

Judge Suspends Administration Rules For Managing Forests

A federal district judge ruled yesterday that the Bush administration illegally rewrote the rules for managing 192 million acres of federally owned forests and grasslands in 2005 and must consider the environmental impact of its plan before more