Green Vs. 'Green'

Mount Hood Forest watchdogs worry that a federal study could lead to more more

Forest Service: no more environmental analysis of forest plans

Long-term management plans for national forests will no longer go through a formal environmental impact statement, the U.S. Forest Service announced more

Old-Growth Forests 'Are Key Carbon Sinks'

Old-growth forest might store far more carbon than previously thought, making their preservation a higher priority in carbon trading and other efforts to tackle global more

Salvage Logging Bill Dead For Year

Two GOP senators pledge to revive logging bill in '07 Forests - Time runs out on a proposal backed by Gordon Smith of Oregon and Idaho's Mike more

Departing Congress may ditch Hood bill

Land trade provision in current Mt. Hood protection bill may cause delay of vote until next session of more

Studies Find Danger to Forests in Thinning Without Burning

Thinning forests without also burning accumulated brush and deadwood may increase forest fire damage rather than reduce it, researchers at the Forest Service reported in two recent more

Pombo's ambitious agenda didn't yield much in the end

Controversial career of powerful California congressman Richard Pombo, sponsor of so-called "Healthy Forests Initiative," comes to a more

Bark's 2006 Post Election Review

Your guide to key election results that impact the future of our more

October Bark-Alert 2006

TOPICS: Eightmile Timber Sale logged, fire ecology Bark-About in November, and your help needed to stop congress from gutting forest more

Bark's win on No Whisky also helps to limit off-road vehicle abuse.Bark saves 335 acres of forest from No Whisky Timber Sale!

Negotiations also led to a plan to decrease off-road vehicle abuse in the Clackamas River more

New Wilderness for Mt. Hood: Bark analyzes new bill

Will new legislation introduced by Congressmen Earl Blumenauer and Greg Walden solve problems or create more? more

Panel Suggests Breaking OSU's Ties to Timber Industry

Report faults OSU forestry dean, urges reforms Research - A panel cites poor judgment and urges a need for distance from timber more

Oregonian Opinion: The OSU Forestry Controversy

At last week's oversight hearing on forest science in Medford, Daniel Donato, a graduate student at Oregon State University's School of Forestry, was taught a harsh lesson in political more

Research rattles forestry school

Timber - A graduate student's paper goes against the Oregon State college's beliefs on salvage logging and threatens more

Judge finds Bush anti-wildlife rule illegal

A federal judge who struck down a Bush administration decision to ease logging restrictions last summer issued an injunction Monday blocking as many as 144 timber sales in three more