Summer Events Update

Pika, groundtruthing a new timbersale, and Base Camp updates! more

White House CEQ’s newest administrative rollbacks to NEPA could fundamentally reshape the federal environmental review process

CEQ’s outrageously short 30-day public comment period is no less emblematic of the Trump administration’s effort to silence the people and chill public participation. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) applies to every major federal action the government takes and this process has the potential to impact every person in America on a scale that eclipses tax reform. A paltry 30-day comment period is reflective of this administration’s unwillingness to meaningfully engage with the American more

Announcement: Base Camp 2018!

We will host a group camp in a free, undeveloped site in Mt. Hood. Base Camp is open to all who wish to join for any length of time, even if just one more

Fire is Native to Oregon

Large scale commercial logging is a newcomer to this land, while the forests have burning as long as there have been forests. Much of this burning was intentional, as the indigenous Chinook, Kalapuya, Molalla, Wishram & Wasco more

Bark Signs onto Letter Urging Clackamas County Commissioners to withdraw from the Association of O&C Counties

"We strongly encourage Clackamas County to stand up for public lands by fully withdrawing from the Association of O&C Counties once and for all." more

7 Ways Mt. Hood's New Forest Supervisor Should Act on Climate and more

Right now, the agency is hiring a new Forest Supervisor for Mt. Hood National Forest. Under this new leadership, Mt. Hood could become a model of climate smart management that prioritizes the ecosystem services that our communities need more

ODFW Annual Wolf Report released today

Oregon home to more than 124 wolves; count finds 11% increase over last year more

Bark Writes Letter in Support for Center for Sustainable Economy's Native Treasures Project

"I am writing this letter of support for Center for Sustainable Economy’s Native Treasures project, now under consideration for funding by the Charlotte Martin Foundation. CSE is one of our key partners in the Northwest, and we regularly team up on educational events and outreach on Northwest forest issues." more

Lawmakers strike deal on wildfire spending

A long-term plan to pay for the rising cost of wildfires came back from the brink of collapse and was set to be included in an omnibus spending bill today, congressional and forest industry sources more

Bark Signs onto Letter Re: Cross laminated timber and environmental sustainability

On behalf of our tens of thousands of members and supporters from the Portland region, and all across Oregon, we write to express our concern over the City of Portland’s investment in the Framework housing project in the Pearl District, and in other projects using cross-laminated timber (CLT).   Our organizations are committed to the protection of our public lands and ecosystems and the transition to climate smart policy at every level of government.  We understand that CLT can be either beneficial or harmful to our environment, based on the sourcing of the wood used in these products, and the production process. more

Where to send a Letter to the Editor

A letter to the editor (LTE) is a written way of talking to a newspaper, magazine, or other regularly printed publication. LTEs are generally found in the first section of the newspaper, more

Two wolves in Mt. Hood

To hear the howl of a wolf on Mt. Hood is an event that many will recognize as a sign of an ecosystem in true recovery. Wolves, seeking their rightful place in the landscape, symbolize why we fight to keep forests more

Wolves confirmed in northern portion of Cascades (Wasco County)

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

THE DALLES, Ore.—At least two wolves are more