Bark Hiring Canvass Director

Protect Mt. Hood National Forest as Bark’s new canvass director in Portland, more

BLM Cancels 88 Acres of Logging along the Molalla River

The Salem office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has dropped 88 acres of logging from a timber sale surrounding the Upper Molalla River called “Hole in the Road Timber Management Project” more

Bark's Winter Wish List

Our gear needs a little refresh and restocking! Can you donate any of these supplies? more

Commit to our forest's future with Bark

Grow our community of forest advocates by gifting out our "Mount Hood Coloring Book" and supporting Bark during Giving more

Standing Rock Solidarity

The news of Malheur occupiers acquittal came as we witnessed the images of peaceful water protectors at Standing Rock under more

Protect sensitive species at Timberline!

Have you heard about the proposed Timberline Mountain Bike Park? In 2010, RLK, the company that more

350PDX: Climate Camping at Mt. Hood National Forest

Climate Change is now a global problem. Day by day the impact of Climate Change is becoming more visible and very acute to life and more

Senator Wyden: Protect Forests not Profits

Did you know that Senator Wyden is the nation’s top recipient of donations from the timber industry? Once an environmental champion, he now is advocating for the interests of the timber industry! more

Bark Alert: Water Protectors in Salem

Thank you for supporting Anna Mae Leonard's courageous, five-day action in September - fasting from food and water in solidarity with Standing Rock water protectors more

Audie as camp host at Base Camp in Mt Hood National ForestBase Camp Report and Party Invitation

I hope you will join me in celebrating a great season of groundtruthing and the strong showing of Bark community at Base Camp. Hear stories from some more

Stop Nestlè and Support Treaty Rights

Next week, when the state legislature is in Salem, Anna Mae Leonard, a Clakemus Chinook, Kalapooya and Wiswarm resident of Cascade Locks, will hold a five-day fast at the Capitol in protest of Nestlé and in solidarity with the Standing Rock more

Connecting with and Protecting our Public Lands

I’ll admit it: I’m afraid.  If this election cycle has made one thing abundantly clear, it's the existence of a seething undercurrent of disdain for the environment and for those who work on more

Volunteers in the Hunter Timber SaleBase Camp volunteers protect and restore the Upper Clackamas

We’re now halfway done field-checking the project, and boots-on-the-ground in all the remaining units will help us make a strong case for protecting the most ecologically sensitive areas of the beautiful Upper Clackamas more

Bark's Summer Base Camp is up and running!

Our group campsite will be free of charge and family-friendly, and thanks to generous donations from our supporters and local businesses - breakfast and dinner will be provided! more