2008 Precommercial Thinning Timber Sale

Before the Forest Service auctions a timber sale off, often a precommercial thinning that occurs. This is an effort to take out shrubs and small trees that will be in the way of harvest and not be desirable to a logging company. The Hood River district is proposing this 5,000 acre pre-commercial thinning for projects in the next six years. It will require new roads and potentially not be in compliance with the Northwest Forest Plan. This project is a categorical exclusion (CE).

Project Status: 
General Information
Hood River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

East Fork Hood River, Middle Fork Hood River, Mill Creek

"Purpose & Need": 

From the scoping letter The purpose of this project is to achieve specific objectives identified in the Salem BLM Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Matrix and Riparian Reserve Land Use Allocations on approximately 760 acres of BLM-administered lands by reducing the density of trees in developing forest stands. Other potential activities may include road construction or the renovation of existing roads that access thinning areas and the decommissioning or blocking of roads after thinning.