Bars Timber Sale

The Barstool II timber sale has been logged. 450 year old trees were cut. This is the same type of logging planned for the Solo sale. Barstool II was logged by Thomas Creek Lumber, the same company that is currently logging Borg and plans to log Solo. Bars ATV was logged by Hampton Tree Farms as a replacement volume sale.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

Oak Grove Fork

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

T&E Species: NSO 1997 Bi-OpAdjacent to CHU OR-10

Total Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

Improve the scenic quality along road 5810 using Oak Grove WA design recommendations. Increase forest cover and the diversity of native tree and shrub species on degraded streambanks within Riparian Reserves. Restore natural structural diversity provided by large woody debris within stream channels and in adjacent Riparian Reserve acres. Restore soil structure and biological condition by reducing compaction and revegetating plantations with 15 or more area in a detrimental soil condition. Improve the diversity of understory plant communities. Enhance riparian and other resource values within are area formerly used as a rock pit.

Bark Comments: 

Once again, clear-cutting old growth in the Oak Grove.

Timber Sale Names: 

Barstool II (20 Acres, 0.342 MMBF, 617 CCF)
Sold on Apr-07-1999 to Thomas Creek Lumber
Status: Finished
Bars ATV (45 Acres)
Sold on Jan-05-1999 to Hampton Tree Farms Inc.
Status: Finished


10/1-6/30 : no ground based. Restricted Units: all but 6
3/1-6/30 : no activity. Restricted Units: 9

Driving Directions: 

Take 224 east past Estacada. Shortly after the Ripplebrook. 224 ends at a fork in the road. Do not take 46 (right) towards Detroit/Bagby. Take 57 to the left towards Timothy Lake. Continue for 7.6 miles take 58 to the left and follow for 1.2 miles before takin 5810 to the right. Follow 5810 for 3.3. miles and take 5810-140 to the right. Follow 5810-140 2.7 miles (past recently logged Bars timber sale) to unit 1 of the Barstool timber sale."

New Road Miles: