Batwings Timber Sale

Sadly, the Batwings Timber Sale was logged. This sale was auctioned to Swanson lumber on 1/17/2003. Batwings clear-cut 109 acres of ancient forest in the already hammered Oak Grove Watershed, and just 15 minutes from the Solo Timber Sale.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

Oak Grove Fork

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

S&M Species: red tree voles
T&E Species: NSO CHU OR-10NSO 1997 Bi-Op
Other Species: DeerElkCoyote
Additional Species Info: Possible bobcat scat, deer and elk tracks, woodpecker foraging.

Total Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

The project area is past the culmination of mean annual increment. It has a high level of root disease and mistle toe and does not contribute to an aggregated vegetative pattern. ' Clear-cutting the whole area which is already surrounded by clear-cuts will clearly solve the problem.'

Bark Comments: 

Propose to leave 15 of the understory for green tree retention. How much of the unit is actually affected by root disease and mistletoe? The 109 acre clear-cut is in clear violation of the rule regulating forest openings to 60 acres on the West side and 40 acres on the East side. The FS says it has regional approval to bypass the rule. The sale would be tractor logged with 30 acres in the northeast to be cable logged.

Timber Sale Names: 

Batwings (109 Acres, 2 MMBF, 4025 CCF)
Sold on Jan-17-2003 to Swanson
Status: Finished


10/1 - 6/30 : No ground based equipment. Restricted Units: 1
3/1-6/30 : Nothing 1/4 mile of activity center

Driving Directions: 

Take 224 east past Estacada. Follow this road until you get to the Ripplebrook Ranger Station. There is a washout on Rd. 57, so you have to follow a detour to Timothy Lake via Rd 4630 to the left (there will be signs). Stay on 4630 until you reach Rd 57 past the washout, near Harriet Lake. Make a right on 57 and go to Rd 5730 and make a left. Take a right at the junction of 5731 and 5730. Batwings is directly to the SW of that junction.

Temporary Road Miles: 
Road Comments: 

A temporary road would be constructed along the top of the ridge above the cable logging area and three landings would be needed. This road could also be utilized for tractor logging the remainder of that area. Access to much of the rest of the unit would be provided by existing roads including a system of ripped skid roads in adjacent plantations some of which could be utilized as temporary raods. About one mile of new temporary roads would be constructed within the harvest unit. ' (EA 8) '
Reconstruction Miles: 4.3