Beeline Timber Sale

The Beeline Timber Sale is proposed in public forests administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). According to the maps (see below) it will log forests up to 95 years old. NOTE In timber sales as recent as 2006 (see Butte Creek TS), the BLM has logged forests that are 80 years old in general but cut individual trees 200 years old in that forest.

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General Information
BLM Salem District
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Lower Molalla, Upper Molalla

Total Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

From the scoping letter Our timber management planning process has identified approximately 2,800 including McDowell Ck Timber Sale and Beeline Timber Sale acres of BLM-administered lands in the four watersheds (see project maps) for which thinning would maintain or enhance healthy growth.