Clear Timber Sale

A fine example of your tax dollars at work old-growth logging, with road-building and logging in a roadless area adjacent to the Mt. hood Wilderness. This project is one of the four large projects targetting the NE side of Mt. Hood in the Cooper Spur area.

Project Status: 
General Information
Hood River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

East Fork Hood River, Middle Fork Hood River

Total Acres: 
Total Riparian Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

According to the Forest Service, the purpose of the thinning is because the stands are overstocked. The Regeneration (clear-cut) is neccesary because some of the stands are in poor health, undestocked, and unable to provide for forest products on a fully sustainable basis. ' Specifically they sit these stands as being mature lodge pole pine understocked with laminated root rot and infected with mistletoe. According to the USFS all three of these are problems to be solved by clear-cutting (instead of part of the natural forest process). Both the thinning and clear-cutting are excuses to log old growth native forest.'

Bark Comments: 

27 acres of the regen (clearcuts) in scenic viewshed, 343 Commercial Thin, 21 Overstory Thin in thinning units, trees would be thinned to 18-25 foot spacing, leaving 70-135 trees per acre after logging.

Driving Directions: 

North of Cooper Spur sno-park south of Laurance Lake north of Mt. Hood Wilderness and out to the eastern boundary of the forest

Temporary Road Miles: 
Road Comments: 

1.7 miles of reconstruction