Jazz Timber Sale: A Field Guide

The Jazz Timber Sale is being logged.  This page will include regular updates as to what logging and other operations are happening on the ground (for both safety and practicality of visiting existing sections), along with information on how to view the areas that are currently open to the public.

From the beginning, we have made our concerns loud and clear regarding the 12 miles of roadbuilding to facilitate logging in areas designated for restoration & conservation emphasis by the Forest Service. About half of these roads would be rebuilt after being previously decommissioned & restored using federal tax money. 

Click here for a video of the Jazz Timber Sale story.

March 2016:

The Tuba Timber Sale is currently being logged using a sawyer crew and helicopter. There is currently log haul coming down the FSR 7010 and down Rd 70 into the Collawash. The sale is being logged during the wet season with a wet-weather waiver.

We have completed one round of field checking some of the logged portions of the Jazz Timber Sale. However, we still have a lot of ground to cover before the summer. Below are timber sale units that we need good information of photos of:

-Drum Timber Sale units & their roads

70, 84, 88, 90, 98, 100, 104, 108

-Sax Timber Sale units up the 6340 road:

126, 128, 130, 132

To locate the proposed temporary roads in both of these sales, it's a good idea to look at these maps.

**For data sheets, see attached "Jazz post-logging road form" in "Associated Files" at the bottom of this page*

December 2015

Rds 6311 (accessing the Bass Timber Sale) and 6330 (accessing Sax Timber Sale) are now closed and gated for the winter (Open again on April 1st, 2016). Bark volunteers have found no roadbuilding activities yet taken place to access units of the Bass Timber Sale off Road 6310.

There has been logging completed in the Drum Timber Sale off the upper 63 road (Collawash River Road) and the 6350. Most of this activity has been non-ground based logging, however Bark volunteers have observed some shorter rebuilt road segments.

The Bass, Drum, and Sax Timber Sales are not completely logged yet, and to the best of Bark's knowledge none of Tuba Timber Sale has been logged yet.

November 2015

The logging season ended and the Forest Service has been tasked to ensure that all the roads built for this project are either decommissioned or "winterized" with closures and waterbars. In every area that Bark volunteers have visited thus far, this hasn't happened.  Road-building in the Bass Timber Sale on off the 6311 road has resulted in unauthorized access and ecological damage. See the file below, "Post-logging Roads Compilation," for specific examples of the failure of Interfor to follow the sale contract, and the Forest Service to enforce it. Click here for new film documentation of post-logging activities in the Bass Timber Sale.

August 2015:

In addition roads included in July's update, there is now also logging activity in the Sax Timber Sale on the 6340 road, which accesses several trailheads into the Bull of the Woods wilderness including the Dickey Creek and Pansy Lake trailheads. There is now a Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) III restriction in effect, which means logging is generally restricted in the late afternoon. Extra caution should be taken on this road during weekday mornings through early afternoons.

July 2015:

Units of the Sax Timber Sale are being logged (with helicopter on-site) off FS road 6330, with hauling down Roads 63 to 46, to Hwy 224. There is a flagger present towards the entrance to the 6330 from road 63.

Units of the Bass Timber Sale are being logged off the 6311 road, with hauling down roads 6310->63->46->Hwy 224

The Drum Timber Sale is being logged using skyline cable off road 63 near Happy Creek past the 6350 intersection.  There is a flagger present at the intersection of 63 and 6350.

June 2015:

Units of the Sax Timber Sale are being logged using ground-based equipment (feller-bunchers, skidders, log trucks) on Forest Service Road 6330.

The Drum Timber Sale is being logged using skyline cable off road 63 near Happy Creek past the 6350 intersection.

Sax Timber Sale is being logged, with a helicopter carrying the logs to a nearby landing.

May 2015

There is road work being done on Road 4620 to prepare for log haul out of the Tuba Timber Sale

Getting there:


Clackamas District maps (detailed, topographic maps) are available at the Clackamas River Ranger District - Estacada Ranger Station
595 NW Industrial Way
Estacada, OR 97023
Current Hours:  Monday-Friday,  7:45am - 4:30pm
Closed 11:30 am - 12:30 pm 


View and upload current photos of the Jazz Timber Sale here.

Call us (503)331-0374

General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

Collawash River Watershed - ranked as having the highest overall aquatic risk in the forest due to existing high road density and geologic instability.

Timber Sale Names: 

The Jazz Timber Sale was divided upon approval into "Bass", "Drum", "Sax" & "Tuba". 

This is how they are marked on the ground with blue boundary markers showing the sale name and unit.

Bass, Drum and Tuba were purchased by Interfor U.S., Inc.

Sax was purchased By High Cascade, Inc.

Driving Directions: 

From Portland:

1. Take I-84 heading east, drive 3 miles to I-205 S.

2. Take I-205 S for 9 miles

3. Take exit 12A to merge onto OR-212 E/OR-224 E/Carver Rd toward Clackamas and go 3.5 miles

4. in 3.5 miles turn right onto OR -224 E/Clackamas Highway towards Estacada. (Be sure to stay in the right lane, the left one heads to Boring!)

5. Drive through the town of Estacada and continue 26 miles on Highway 224 into the Forest. Enjoy the view of the river.

6. Stay right after the Ripplebrook Ranger Station and continue on Forest Service Road 46

7. Follow the signs to Bagby Hot Springs, and turn right on Forest Service Road 63.

8. You are now in the area of the Jazz Timber Sale!  Refer to the unit maps you have to get to where you want to go.