Juncrock Timber Sale

This project died a happy death due to a successful appeal by Bark and ONRC thanks to great legal work on the part of WELC!

Project Status: 
General Information
Total Acres: 
  • Watershed: White River
  • Sub-Watersheds: Clear Creek, Frog Creek
Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

S&M Species: Albatrellus fletti, Hypogymnia oceanica, Bauxbaumia viridus, Cryptomastix hendersoni.
T&E Species: Spotted Owl

Total Acres: 
Total Riparian Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

The sale wants to remove trees that either are supposedly infected with indian paint fungus, red ring rot, brown cubicle butt rot, or mistletoe. Trees they consider at risk for these diseases (basically all western hemlocks) are considered viable as well. Most of the units are in healthy, native, old growth stands. The diseases the forest service is concerned about do slowly kill trees over periods ranging from 20-60 years. Dead trees (whether standing or fallen) create habitat for various species residing within forest ecosystems. Disease is a natural part of a forest progression called a disturbance process. ' It is intregal to forest health to allow forests to progress through a natural occurence such as disease. Many forests pathologists agrees that 'disease, fires, wind-throw, and other disturbances are a natural part of the forest ecosystem and assist in dynamic processes such as succession that are essential to long term ecoysystem maintenance ' (Art Patridge info). Furthermore, evidence shows that tree mortality due to disease increases in logged areas (USFS General Technical Report RM-234). Removing large trees here will not reduce susceptibility to disease but unnaturally increase it. In addition, logging would disrupt all natural disturbance processes.'

Bark Comments: 

Cathedral Development - 97 acres - 40-70 canopy closure, Cathedral Maintenance - 84 acres - 40-70 Mature Open Multistory Enhancement - 82 acres - 30-60 Open multistory, Redvelopment - 103 acres - 20-70 , avg 40-50 Restoration - 185 acres - 5-50 , avg 20 * One of the units of Juncrock was labelled Hi-South 2. Is the Forest Service planning on auctioning some units of Hilynx and Juncrock together? The sale 100 Tractor logging.

Timber Sale Names: 

HiSo (60 Acres, 16 MMBF, 6500 CCF)
Status: Cancelled!
Toad (140 Acres, 7000 CCF)
JR (120 Acres, 3000 CCF)
Rocky (240 Acres, 7000 CCF)

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Reconstruction Miles: 1.2