Orchard Timber Sale

Orchard 's beautiful forests was sold to the only bidder, Rosboro lumber, on 3/19/04. The previous attempt was on 12/19/2003 and prior to that on Friday, 10/17/03.

Project Status: 
General Information
Clackamas River Ranger District
Total Acres: 

South Fork Clackamas

Habitat & Species
Habitat & Species: 

T&E Species: NSO 1999 Bi-Op, Peregrine Falcon, Lower Columbia Steelhead, Upper Willamette River Chinook
Other Species: Lower Columbia River Coho Salmon, Lower Columbia River Cutthroat Trout,Deer and Elk, Pine Marten and Pileated Woodpecker

Total Acres: 
Total Riparian Acres: 
"Purpose & Need": 

According to the Forest Service, the stands of trees in the Orchard sale are experiencing a slowing of growth due to overcrowding. "

Bark Comments: 

Unit 1 40 acre tractor 65 acre skyline. Unit 2a 10 acre tractor 43 acre skyline. Unit 2b 4 acre site prep. Unit 3 47 acre tractor unit 40 acre skyline.

Timber Sale Names: 

Orchard (198 Acres, 4.725 MMBF, 8636 CCF)
Sold on Mar-19-2004 to Rosboro
Status: Finished


Nov 1st - May 31st : No off road ground based equipment skyline okay. Restricted Units: 1,2a,3
Jan 1st - July 31st : No Blasting. Restricted Units: all
Dec 1st - March 31st : No harvest, road construction, use of motorized vechicle or blasting. Restricted Units: North 1, 2a, and 3
March 1-July 15th : No Yarding. Restricted Units: All

Driving Directions: 

Take 224 to Estacada. At Estacada turn right on 211. Take 211 for 5 miles to 45, marked Dodge from 211. Follow 45/dodge into Mt. National Forest.Oscar is spread out around the next 10 miles of road. Orchard is off 220. The 220 sign might be shot out. Look for 210 sign on right, next left is 220. You have past it when 4545 is on right.
The timber sale project area is located between S. Fork Clackamas River and Memaloose Creek

Temporary Road Miles: 
Road Comments: 

This sale would build 200 feet of road through a late successional reserve. Obliterate and revegetate 4500-242.
Reconstruction Miles: 10.2